Today’s post is an email from one of our client who used the Authentic Leptin Green Coffee 1000, and she shares her experience with it. Here is the email:

“Yes I just recently had a baby and someone told me to lose a couple of pounds this would be a good product. I started maybe a month ago and have lost 20 pounds already I love it I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to shed a few pounds.”


 I had a smile after reading that because as some of you already know we are expecting our first baby in August, and it made me happy to know I will have some help getting back in shape after giving birth!

 I would love to hear from all of you who have lost weight after giving birth or those who want to!

 We recommend that you wait until you have finished nursing before starting any slimming coffee or supplement.

This is the Featured Product for our Slimming Coffee.


Authentic Leptin Green Coffee 1000 - Slimming Coffee