Today's post is an email that I got from one of our clients and friends, who has been looking for a way to slim down. She wanted to look great for her husband and for herself. Here's her e-mail, it is all true and I had tears in my eyes because I was so happy for her....

Hi Suzzy, Remember me?? Anyway, just a quick FYI---I'm at my 5th box of Hokkaido, and 2nd of Pearl Slimming Pills. I eventually figured it out the best way for me to reduce my weight further down. It's slowly but surely and maintain. And i'm now @ 169.5 lbs. from the first day i started using it @ 189 lbs.

Now, everybody has noticed it! And when they started bringing it up, i had to change the subject!! :D lol 'cuz i don't want to go to the details, and yada yada yada. I'm already tired as it is with 2 friends who want me buying for them!! :D At first i was struggling at my 4th Hokkaido @ 178 lbs.(i lost that in the 2nd box.) After i got 'Pearl Whitening', I tried 2 pills/twice a day without Hokkaido. To be honest, 'Pearl Whitening' didn't really do anything for me. But for some reason when it mixed with Hokkaido, it just did the magic. :D

I did try the coffee in between (w/o pill), pretty much just tried every methods not getting my body used to it. Eventually i ended up noticing--1 Hokkaido + 1 Pearl Whitening in the morning & evening (twice a day) had reduced another 8 lbs. My appetite cuts drastically.

It's sure slowly going down (now i'm at 5th Hokkaido, & 2nd Pearl Whitening), but at least it's maintain what i had lost, and continue losing more. :D I found myself could only eat one meal a day, or 1/3 of what i used to eat. And no more snacks in between, but thirsty for more water. I was at size 16 to begin with, now i would fit into size 12!! :D I can also work normally at my page, but a little side effect for me---having headache. But compare to what i had lost in weight, it's well worth it!! Though, the side affect is different from person to person. The reason i'm saying is---my friend who had used 1st Hokkaido, she's only suffered from sleepless night!!

Well, I ordered one set for me & the other one for my friends (husband & wife.) They love it, but they occasionally had difficult financially. So, when they stopped---they claimed the weight had gained back. :( So, i don't know it'll be different from person to person or not. But i'll keep maintain mine!! I hope you're not going to be out of stock anytime soon??? :D