Skin Whitening Soap Information for All Women

This blog post was inspired by the many emails I have received from customers with specific questions about whitening soap. I thought it would be helpful to everyone if I summarized these questions because it’s helpful information that all women could use.
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Sharing Our Success with You!

You may not know this but I started as a one-woman operation out of mine and my husband’s home! Our business was born to help our clients be more beautiful and confident everyday. Now, we’re also able to help them achieve their dreams of financial success.
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Whiten Bikini, underarm, elbows & knees

Today I am answering a question from Marianne:

Hi Suzzy, I just want to ask what are the big differences between St. Dalfour Gold Seal Beauty Whitening Cream Red M and St. Dalfour Gold Seal Beauty Whitening Cream Non-Oily Filipina? which of those creams reacts faster in whitening and smoothing action? could it also be used in underarm, inner thigh and knees? thank u.

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Thanks for visiting! This blog will be dedicated to presenting the best quality information that we can find on health, skin, slimming, and anything else that I find interesting enough to share.
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Malapit na ang one year annivesary ko dito sa US dumating ako dito noong nov.24.yon daw ang matinding snow dto mula nang mahabang taon,nanibago talaga ako,pero medyo ok lang kasi nang bata ako tumira ako sa nagano japan kaya medyo hinde na inosente sa snow.nakakatawa kasi nakita ko at nahawagan uli ang snow..pero ayoko nang winter lamig kasi kakatamad..
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