The wait is over—Relumins Gluta C Effervescent Tablets are back in stock. Now in a larger size, with 15 cherry-flavored tablets per package, this product combines glutathione and vitamin C to repair and rejuvenate your complexion from the outside in. When using Gluta C Fizz, you can anticipate fast results and—as always with Relumins products—feel confident that both safety and efficacy have been confirmed in clinical trials.

Glutathione: Not your average antioxidant.

Vitamin C is a common ingredient in skincare products, but glutathione is not an antioxidant that you hear about every day. Flawless Beauty & Skin shoppers, however, know that glutathione is a key component of the ultimate skincare routine.


This antioxidant is found in every one of your body’s cells, produced in the liver, and made up of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid, and glycine. As important as glutathione is, the body’s ability to synthesize glutathione declines with age. Many benefits have been shown from supplementing glutathione by various methods such as applied topically or ingested orally.


As a natural detoxifier, glutathione is able to help you achieve a lighter and brighter complexion, working to rectify discoloration issues like hyperpigmentation. Concerned about acne scarring, blemishes, or an otherwise uneven skin tone? Glutathione can assist with that as well. Research further suggests that this multitalented antioxidant can reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging, thanks to the protective role it plays in your body’s cells (more on that later).


In fact, a 2017 study evaluated the use of oral glutathione in middle-aged female subjects, concluding that it had “various beneficial effects on skin properties,” and additional potential as an antiaging agent. Beyond this, glutathione is believed to offer a whole host of benefits aside from just improving the appearance of your skin. Medical studies have pointed to glutathione’s benefits in lung, liver, and brain health. Needless to say, anything that helps us to raise our glutathione levels is something we should be interested in.

Experience the combined power of glutathione and vitamin C.

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C works as an antioxidant to prevent oxidative damage and stress in other cells. When skin cells are under oxidative stress for long periods of time, the aging process speeds up—which is a consequence that nobody wants. Vitamin C works to maintain glutathione levels, reprocessing oxidized glutathione and converting it back to its peppy, active form, then preventing melanin production by blocking a specific enzyme. The vitamin C in Relumins Gluta C Fizz tablets actually primes your skin cells to respond to the positive effects of glutathione.


Even further, in a 2007 study, “functional cooperation” was observed between vitamin C and glutathione, providing endothelial cells (which line all of our blood vessels and die as we age) with “strong antioxidant defenses.” Simply put, Relumins tablets have a combined power that can help facilitate brighter, fairer skin and help to achieve that radiant glow you're looking for.

This one isn’t a tough pill to swallow.

Often, we sacrifice taste when using dietary supplements, wincing at apple cider vinegar, or pinching our nose while swallowing sulfur-smelling B vitamins. But with Gluta C Fizz, you can actually enjoy the taste of your supplement, while simultaneously doing your skin a favor.


For the best results, pop one tablet into a glass of water (between eight and ten ounces) every day. Watch the tablet dissolve and then simply sip for skin-saving results. You can also consult your doctor or healthcare professional for specific recommendations.