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Comprising approximately 25 percent of the proteins in the human body and 80 percent of the skin, collagen is a vital component of a full, smooth, and youthful appearance. It also sustains muscles, tendons, internal organs, cartilage, and is even present in teeth. As we age, our bodies produce less collagen, resulting in skin problems such as sagging, wrinkles, and scarring – sometimes muscle and joint pain as well. Aside from the natural decrease of collagen with age, it may also degenerate due to overexposure to the sun, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic fever, and more. About 20 different types of collagen can be found in the body, each of which plays a vital role in individual health. 

An Overview of the Skin 

The skin is the largest organ on the body, weighing approximately six pounds, and is made up numerous components. These include protein, water, lipids, and various chemicals and minerals. Skin changes continuously throughout life and even regenerates itself roughly every 27 days. Because it is such an important part of the body, proper care is essential to overall health and well-being. 

On a daily basis, the skin requires plenty of water and thorough cleaning. It also needs a balanced diet, and preferably both a toner and moisturizer. A toner or astringent can remove traces of dirt, oil, and other substances that may have been missed during cleansing. A moisturizer is integral even for oily-skinned individuals.

The skin’s epidermis is its outermost layer. It provides protection from our harsh environment, and includes its own 5 layers. The dermis is the middle layer, which is responsible for wrinkles. It is a combination of hair follicles, oil glands, and blood vessels. This is where elastin and collagen reside. Fibroblasts are the cells present in the dermis that synthesize elastin and collagen. This layer also contains pain and touch receptors. 

The word “collagen” is derived from the Greek word for “glue.” It is a protein and the primary substance of connective tissues. It is also present in all multi-cellular organisms and found in various tissues and organs, such as tendons, skin, cartilage, bones, blood vessels, cornea, teeth, placental, and more. 

The hypodermis is the fatty layer of skin, and contributes to sagging. This layer hosts fat and collagen cells, as well as sweat glands. It is responsible for protecting the inner organs and conserving body heat. 

These components work together to form the complex and dynamic functions of the skin. This organ is integral not only to physical health, but to appearance as well. These are both motivators of the use of collagen producing products. 

People of all ages suffer from dry skin, which results in flaking, roughness, scaling, and itching. To help regenerate and rejuvenate skin, collagen supplements are made from placental proteins and are available in topical, injectable, pill, and liquid forms. 

Collagen Cream 

Television and magazine advertisements are rife with anti-aging products. To choose the safest and most effective option, it is important to scrutinize its ingredients. Topical creams should include retinol, which can facilitate the skin’s ability to produce new skin cells. Many prescription-strength collagen creams contain tretinoin as well, which also helps the body replenish collagen in skin cells. Because it is stronger than its non-prescription counterparts, it can more effectively diminish stretch marks and deep wrinkles. Some anti-aging creams also contain copper peptides, or other peptides, which increase collagen and quicken the healing of wounds. 

Collagen Injections 

Collagen injections are more convenient than facelifts or other invasive surgical procedures because they are less time-consuming. Their effects can fade in a matter of months, however, so they must be repeated regularly for maintenance purposes. 

A wide array of options for collagen injections are available, including cow, pig, and human collagen. Synthetic substances may also be employed. Most collagens are used to address wrinkles between the mouth and nose, but they can also effectively improve scarring, reduce skin folds, and fill cheeks. These procedures are relatively common. 

Bovine collagen fillers are made from the skin of cows. They are less expensive than their counterparts but it is also associated with a higher percentage of skin allergies. Individuals who opt for these fillers are tested for allergies prior to the actual procedures. It is sometimes preferred because the body takes longer to absorb it than human collagen. 

Human collagen usually doesn’t lead to allergic reactions, but it is more expensive to produce. All injectable matter is both temporary and biodegradable. Synthetic options are available as well. They are typically made in laboratory settings by combining bovine and human collagen with chemicals that prevent it from breaking down when it is injected. Synthetic collagen can remain in the body for longer periods of time than biodegradable collagens. 

Edible Collagen Supplements


Collagen is available in forms of pills, capsules, powders, tablets and food supplements such as the Relumins Advanced White Collagen MAX Formula - Chewable from Flawless Beauty and Skin. All forms are designed to affect the way bodies produce protein, but not solely for the purpose of obtaining youthful-looking skin. Because some forms of arthritis result in lost elasticity and damage to cartilage in joints, collagen pills are often used to help rebuild cartilage. This reduces stiffness and pain associated with the condition. Also, as collagen levels lessen with age, arterial and heart walls weaken. Collagen supplements may also be taken when other heart-related components suffer. 

Liquid Collagen Supplements 

Many people believe that liquid collagen supplements are the most effective of the options because they require the least amount of digestive effort. Liquid is efficiently absorbed from the first sip. It is similar to other forms of collagen supplements because, in addition to its positive impact on appearance, it is also taken for physical relief from issues such as joint and muscle pain and wound and bone healing. 

Collagen is an integral part of a vibrant and youthful appearance. It also serves the important purpose of sustaining the internal organs, muscles, cartilage, tendons, and more. The production of collagen unfortunately diminishes during the aging process, resulting in wrinkled and sagging skin. If you want to fight the aging process, contact Flawless Beauty and Skin PH to find out how we can help you look your best.

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