Question from Priscilla: 
I want to know if your products are real and for that matter that if they really work in aiding skin whitening, because I have acne scars and some blemishes which I am trying so hard to get rid of. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Priscilla Thanks for contacting us. 

I understand your caution in using a new product so I will try to answer your concerns. By the way, this is a GREAT question so unless you object I will post it with the answer on my blog. 

First, all our products are authentic, we only buy direct from the manufacturer and we test the products regularly to ensure the highest standards are met. 

Your second question requires some more detail, so bear with me please. 

The dark pigment, not the red marks, visible with acne scarring is melanin. These are really skin discolorations, medically termed as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or PIH, that can be treated and faded with skin whitening and lightening products.

In general whitening products fall into 2 broad classifications, ones that bleach like black soap or kojic acid and ones like Glutathione that inhibit melanin formation and stimulate the re-absorption of excess melanin by the body. You would generally use a product with bleaching action to lighten scars, however a good quality glutathione cream may improve your skins overall health and appearance as well.

For most people, acne scars will generally fade in color even without treatment over time but that is not always true and a good whitening soap helps tremendously. Whitening creams can also help give your skin a healthier more even tone however in your case I would try a non oily cream and monitor your skin for any reactions. I would also recommend that you address the acne as soon as possible, perhaps even before the whitening, because acne takes time to respond and what good is it to fade old scars if you keep getting new ones?

We have a new product for acne, the Diana Stalder Acne Treatment set: Lemon Beauty Bar 120g Skin Toner 60ml Clear Creme 15g Night Gel 15g Facial Scrub 60ml It is a multi-step system that works better than anything I've ever tried. 

I used to use Proactiv which was a little effective, but I saw a big improvement with the Diana Stalder Acne set. And it is less expensive. 

Remember that everyone's skin is different and the most important thing is to find treatments that work for you and then be consistent in using them. Even the strongest whitening product won't do much if it's just sitting in your vanity. Devote 5 to 10 minutes morning and evening to cleansing and treating your skin and you will see results. Please let me know how it goes, before and after pictures would be great! HUGZ


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