You may not know this but I started as a one-woman operation out of mine and my husband’s home! Our business was born to help our clients be more beautiful and confident everyday. Now, we’re also able to help them achieve their dreams of financial success. I recently received an email and realized that many of our happiest clients don’t know that they can now become direct distributors of our beauty products. See the email from Lareine below... 

I tried the Green Coffee 800 that you gave me and I really like the result. I lost few pounds and I don't feel any side effects. Now I am interested of becoming a distributer. Please send me an email. Thanks! -Lareine 

I’m happy to inform Lareine, along with all our clients and website visitors that is now offering a limited number of direct distributorships. If you’d like to become a direct distributor of our products, then please call me (Suzzy) or Jack at 917-733-8564. We’d love to speak with you about the opportunities that are available. Remember, we started in our home and have now grow into a million-dollar business. Just imagine what you can do! 

Flawless Beauty and Skin is known for its high-quality beauty products and excellent customer service. Now, we’re able to share our success with you. Plus, if you’re already a client of ours then you’re already familiar with much of the product line and can help others make informed decisions about which products are best for their needs. 

I hope you’ll contact us so we can grow, achieve and succeed together! Please call us today: 917-733-8564.