Today I am answering a question from Marianne:

Hi Suzzy, I just want to ask what are the big differences between St. Dalfour Gold Seal Beauty Whitening Cream Red M and St. Dalfour Gold Seal Beauty Whitening Cream Non-Oily Filipina? which of those creams reacts faster in whitening and smoothing action? could it also be used in underarm, inner thigh and knees? thank u.

Hi Marianne great question, they are very similar but the Red M is a little bit darker & creamier for western skin. Both formulas are great for skin whitening & even tone but the Filipina Non-Oily is better for those prone to breakouts and also those who don't need to add moisture.

Both creams can be used for tough to whiten areas like Bikini, underarm, elbows & knees. You can aslo try a paste made from St Dalfour Beauty Whitening Cream, fresh lemon-juice, and natural plain yogurt. This is pretty acidic so test it first, but if you tolerate it well you can use it 3 times a day for a week for a great result.

I also love the Mosbeau Thigh Cream for tough to whiten intimate areas, it is an amazing formulation that is better than anything I've used even creams costing 2 or 3 times more. It is from Japan so it is not so inexpensive but a 50gm jar will last you a long time and you can use the coupon thigh for an extra discount.


Mosbeau Placenta White Underarm & Inner Thigh Cream